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On a crusade to rid the world of the performance appraisal




There Be Giants was created in 2010 in response to the growing dissatisfaction with performance management and the dreaded annual appraisal. Our Giants – all of whom are experienced coaches – are on a mission to introduce organisations to an agile alternative, which not only encourages employee development, but enables the business to minimise resistance to growth plans.

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OKRs and KPIs: Great Bedfellows or Sworn Enemies?

At the risk of scoring a full house in corporate terms bingo before I’ve even finished the first paragraph, allow me to explain what I mean when I talk about OKRs and KPIs. Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) are an agile approach to motivating and managing...

Why Prioritisation is Good for Growth

As a business owner, you’ll know that time – along with money, people and all the other resources we need when working towards our goals – is precious, right? The time we spend on projects will help to shape our future success. The time we spend on our business will...

Don’t Let HR Get a Hold of Performance Management

My adventures in performance management took me north of the border last week - the Scottish border, that is! The white paper I published last year - Priming for Performance - had caught the eye of Sport Scotland. So they invited me to deliver the opening keynote at...


The traditional approach to Performance Management simply isn’t working any more. To prove that – and to encourage the creation of an alternative – we conducted our own research, asking over 200 business owners about their own Performance Management.

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There Be Giants has had the opportunity to work with a whole host of wonderful businesses – many of whom don’t yet have a massive team, but have recognised the need to prime their people and create a clear plan for growth. Their foresight and experience with There Be Giants has helped them to ensure friction within the organisation is kept to a minimum, so growth can continue as planned.