Bringing agile growth strategy, planning and performance to businesses

On a crusade to rid the world of the performance appraisal




There Be Giants was created in 2010 in response to the growing dissatisfaction with performance management and the dreaded annual appraisal. Our Giants – all of whom are experienced coaches – are on a mission to introduce organisations to an agile alternative, which not only encourages employee development, but enables the business to minimise resistance to growth plans.

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The “Human” Aspect of OKRs

Last week, I found myself working with HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency), another new client who is looking at the benefits of - and ways to achieve - transformed performance management via OKRs. This wasn’t an easy sell though: there were over 30 in the...

Connecting Contribution to Impact in Your Organisation

I often remember from my days of leading divisions in large business, being asked, “what difference do I really make?” At first, it was asked with a sense of despair and disillusionment as the business hadn't been great at helping those working hard delivering the...


The traditional approach to Performance Management simply isn’t working any more. To prove that – and to encourage the creation of an alternative – we conducted our own research, asking over 200 business owners about their own Performance Management.

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There Be Giants has had the opportunity to work with a whole host of wonderful businesses – many of whom don’t yet have a massive team, but have recognised the need to prime their people and create a clear plan for growth. Their foresight and experience with There Be Giants has helped them to ensure friction within the organisation is kept to a minimum, so growth can continue as planned.