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How we do it

We’re known for taking the core principles of agile project management and helping our clients apply them to the way they build their growth strategy and manage their business.  This primes them for growth and helps them become focussed and responsive in the way they deliver against their priorities.

When it comes to executing your business strategy, getting everyone focussed on what matters most, and motivating great performance, we fundamentally believe that the tried and tested approaches have had their day. Simply put, annual appraisals do not work. Our performance system creates a win for you and a win for your team.

Our system draws from approaches pioneered in Silicon Valley and in elite athlete training.  We coach you through the creation of an agile growth strategy and then help you to put that into play using a blend of software, culture and management.

The system follows a simple structure:What Makes Us Different?

Our method has been tried, tested, and nurtured within the tech sector, and is inspired by the agile way of working often found in tech firms. We combine these agile principles with innovative software and the expertise of our Giants in Residence to deliver an easy to follow, in-depth service with support available every step of the way.

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