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Giants Academy

Giants Academy is an invitation-only group and event-series for business leaders to meet with their peers and swap ideas and experiences about the factors that make their business successful.

It’s aimed at people who own or run all or part of a business and who want to make their mark on the world, bring out their natural strengths and enjoy themselves along the way.

At each event, Giants Academy features one or two members in a short interview, looking at how they approached a business issue. Discussion is facilitated by Roger and is loosely structured around our 3P business model – Purpose, People and Process. It is a place to learn from and with our peers, with the right amount of safe support, exploration and challenge. We’ll introduce one simple technique each time, as a way of exploring that month’s topic with a useful take-away tool. More discussion and useful information takes place weekly at the Giants Academy Facebook group.

It is a sales-free, invitation-only zone.

We meet every second month, usually on the second Wednesday, from 6pm – 8pm in central Manchester.

Please click here to see all live events, or use the Eventbrite link in the sidebar for registration.

You can also see some of the work the group has been doing by clicking here.